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Imagine the world 2 to 3 years from now, and what the leading IT channel partner program will look like. Will it include an open ecosystem platform to streamline and enhance the partnering process?

What is P2P Global?

P2P Global is an open ecosystem that creates a collaboration marketplace for diverse technology solution providers, functioning as an extension of your channel partner program. It is the first marketplace where channel partners can extend their reach by creating and responding to complex IT projects based on your technology solutions – finding that perfect match to fill skill gaps.

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What is a P2P Technology Partner?

For our marketplace, a P2P Technology Partner is the creator of technologies that serve the IT industry. Typically, these are Vendors and/or ISVs that also leverage channel partners as part of their go-to-market strategy. Our members typically have a myriad of specialized skills, including…

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Why become a P2P Technology Partner Sponsor?

Enhance Channel

  • P2P Global as an extension of your channel program
  • Encourage your channel partners to partner for competitive advantage
  • Increase your channel value proposition and enablement
  • Extend your reach and expand your channel partner network

Automate Elements of Channel Management

  • Disciplined approach for lead passing to channel partners
  • Implement lead referral program to generate new opportunities
  • Offer complementary services directly to channel partners
  • Data insights and metrics of success

Help Optimize Channel Marketing

  • Position and highlight core solutions and successful P2P engagements
  • Define and deliver content and collateral to technology providers
  • Leverage MDF for your channel partners’ P2P membership
  • Offer sponsored members “demand gen program”
How Our Platform Works
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Highlighted Sponsors

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Our Members’ Skills Include Many Technologies:
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What is required to become a Technology Partner Sponsor?2020-07-06T15:30:35+00:00

It starts with scheduling time with the P2P Global executive team.

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Jointly we will discuss your objectives and goals to ensure P2P Global is the right fit for you.

As a Technology Partner Sponsor, you have the opportunity to fund your channel partners low cost membership fees. For some, this is simply allocating a small portion of your budgeted marketing development funds (MDF).

What does the Technology Partner get in return for their sponsorship?2020-07-20T17:17:19+00:00

Sponsorship will provide your channel partners membership access to P2P Global — where they can create and respond to opportunities.

The P2P Global platform will be updated specific to your product/services offerings and certifications — allowing members’ company profiles to reflect their skills associated with your offerings. This will also allow for opportunity creators to specify your offerings as part of their selection criteria. In addition, you will gain data insights specific to when your offerings are part of P2P engagements.

The platform will provide automation for lead passing, referral programs, and ability for your channel partners to request complementary services (from the Technology Partner.)

Our public site will highlight each sponsoring Technology Partner including a dedicated page customized to position their core solutions, channel programs, and links to deliver content and collateral.

How would embracing an open ecosystem be beneficial?2020-07-09T17:45:44+00:00

It would be a strategic decision that will provide a competitive advantage:

  • Participate in the only “open” services ecosystem of top technology solution providers
  • Leveraging data insights specific to your offering
  • Help solution providers’ build strategic business plans for growth
  • Leverage P2P Global for lead passing to your channel partners
  • Automating your own channel management through next-gen software
  • Integrating an open ecosystem of partners as an extension of your marketplace
  • Expanding value proposition by integrating into partner relationship management (PRM) platforms
How can I be sure P2P engagements will add value?2020-07-01T20:27:01+00:00

Most attempts at an open ecosystem to date could be described as “LinkedIn for Partners” at best and “partner phone books” in more realistic terms. Skill identification alone is a weak value proposition, and is fraught with execution problems (self-reporting, verification, etc.). P2P functions at the deal-level, enabling actual revenue generation. This delivers measurable value to the partners, and therefore stands to gain sustained traction and usage.