No one company can do it all. That includes P2P Global! While P2P Global provides an efficient platform to solve for skill gaps, we recognize there are other adjacent offerings that may be of value to our solution provider members and technology partners.

When you join the P2P Global ecosystem, you also receive access to an exclusive range of our Alliance Partners’ complementary services that can help increase your firm’s relevance, exposure, and revenue.

Our Alliance Partners provide services that are inclusive of introductions to new emerging technologies, digital marketing to further help position your firm in the market and reach new audiences, and helping leaders transform their organizations.

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Platform Alliance Partners

To accelerate the performance of partnerships, alliances, and ecosystems, companies are evaluating and adopting a range of contributing technologies. Our Platform Alliance Partners provide a range of complementary channel platforms that firms can leverage to enhance their go-to-market strategy and execution.

Marketing Alliance Partners

To ensure your firm gains exposure and is well-positioned in the market, our Marketing Alliance Partners work with you to create custom marketing and communications plans. Being able to communicate your brand mission and values, who you are and why you do what you do, your key differentiators, and your value points are what drives growth – and our Marketing Alliance Partners are experts in these services with respect to the IT industry.

Consulting Alliance Partners

Everyone will agree, an ecosystem platform provides competitive advantage and can deliver incremental value to customers by solving for skill gaps. The trick (or challenge) is creating a “P2P culture” within your firm where everyone understands the value and accountability is assigned. So, it is about focus. Our Consulting Alliance Partners can help your company further transform, help coach leadership teams, and establish best of breed P2P practices.

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Well-organized Partner-to-Partner ecosystems are essential for a channel to scale and be successful because, as we know, no one company can do everything. According to PartnerPath, more than a third of partners regularly collaborate with three to five other partners. Almost 20% regularly work with six to 10 partners. That’s where we come in. Helping our members achieve industry-leading partner ecosystems is our main priority. Talk to us today about becoming a P2P Global alliance!

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Platform Alliance Partners


Vation’s platform (VIP) and services encourage collaboration, education and open communication to improve time-to-market and profitability for our members. Vation provides a platform, services, and executive events that match innovative companies with the high tech channel community to scale success for all, and advise them on rapidly attaining that success.

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Marketing Alliance Partners


Lauchlan is a full-service B2B marketing agency focused exclusively on the IT channel. They have a full understanding of the nuances of co-marketing, MDF and how vendors and solution providers go to market together, making them a well-trusted partner. Lauchlan provides services tailored to your needs and your place in the channel, and some of these services include lead generation, content and video production, web development, webinars, events, partner enablement, automation, branding and much more.

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Marketing as a Service

Marketing as a Service (Maas) offers business-focused and affordable managed marketing services in the IT industry with a mission is to provide valuable marketing insight, direction, execution, support and top-notch client experience. Their tailored service offerings aim to improve communications, enable partnerships, and drive sales for your company with a holistic approach. Some of their services include channel enablement, campaign management, automation, content, branding and consulting, and even coaching.

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Marketing Alliance Partners


Sc4E Consulting

SC4E Consulting provides coaching, consulting and training for the IT industry. When an individual or business hires a coach, a trainer or consultant, they are typically looking for one thing: the ability to make successful change. That’s SC4E’s mission — to enable successful change for executives in the Information Technology industry. SC4E applies 42 years of experience in the IT industry and 35+ years of management experience toward helping individuals and companies in the industry to make successful change

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